Stripchat Support

StripChat Help and Support
Locating the Help & Support section

At the very beginning I would like to talk briefly about StripChat Support. This Free Live Sex Cam website has 3 main sub categories of Support. 

For instance: Contact & Support, Billing Support and Improve Stripchat. 

To find all of them, scroll the main page all the way down to the footer of the Strip Chat site.

Now, when we know what we are going to talk about. Let’s look at each of those more specifically.

Stripchat Contact and Support

StripChat Contact and Support
StripChat’s help center

Firstly, this is the main support section of Stripchat. Here you will be able to find answers on all of your questions. As you may see, there are two sections of the knowledge base. The first one is for users and the second one is for models and studios.

At the User FAQS you will find the following topics: Getting Started, General Questions, Account Questions, Billing Questions, Technical Questions, Abuses and Complaints and Promo Campaigns.

While at the Model and Studio FAQS you will find: Getting Started, My Profile, Studio Account, Settings and Privacy, Earnings, Payments, Model Documents, General Model Questions, Broadcast and Chat, Troubleshooting and Promo Campaigns.

StripChat Recent Articles
Recent articles of the cam site

What is more, there is also a “Recent Articles” section. Here you will be able to read the up to date information about StripChat at all.

How Do I Create A Ticket?

StripChat Create a Ticket
Creating a support ticket on stripchat

You didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact Stripchat’s support centre by creating a ticket! To do it, scroll the Contact & Support page all the way down. Press on the “Contact us” button and ask your question in the new ticket.

StripChat How to Create a Ticket
Submitting a ticket on the cam site

To ask a question at Stripchat’s ticket section, complete the following:

  • Enter your Email
  • Choose the Subject of your question
  • Select the Issue Type
  • Type in the question itself in the Description field
  • Press on the “Submit” button

The StripChat’s Support Centre will contact you back ASAP. They will always help you with your issues.

StripChat Billing Support

StripChat Billing Support
Billing support contact methods

Billing support centers will help you with all money issues which you might have. At the StripChat Webcam site they have 5 following billings: Paymentico, Epoch, SegPay, CentroBill and Webbilling.

The great thing is that there are multiple contacts of every billing except the last one. Thus, you will be able to contact them with Email or Phone

Improve StripChat

StripChat Support Tickets
Ticket form to suggest improvements to the cam site

Basically, “Improve stripchat” section is just a ticket section which we looked at before. Here you will be able to recommend improvements of Stripchat itself. If your suggestions will be good enough, the team of this webcam site will make it happen!

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